The Best Self Esteem Books for Kids Teach Children to Love Themselves!

Inside: Looking for amazing self esteem books for kids, including valuable book lists and book reviews about stories that will boost confidence in your children? You have come to the right place, and we are thrilled that you are here! Make every day feel like a gold medal day for your kiddos with the following fabulous books!

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The best self confidence books for children make every day a gold medal day!

Every day should be a gold medal day for our kids. And guess what? The best self confidence books for children can help us make each and every one of our kids feel like champions.

Books are incredibly powerful tools to help nurture confidence in our children. They give us the easiest “in” to spark important discussions. Conversations about tough topics — such as a child’s unique characteristics that make him feel self conscious, struggles she is having in school that make her feel different than their friends, or special talents he possesses but is too scared to put on display — become easy and free flowing if you read the right books first.

Self Esteem Books for Kids Help Nurture Healthy Social-Emotional Development

Growing confidence, be it your child’s or your student’s (or even your own!), is a critically important skill that will allow kids to take risks, try new things, and understand that flops and defeats are crucial to healthy social-emotional development. After all, mistakes help us learn, thrive and resolve to try again.

So what are you waiting for? Here are some valuable book lists to help you boost confidence in your kiddos, as well as reviews of some of the very best self confidence books for children!

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Self Esteem Books for Kids: Powerful Book Lists

Self Esteem Books for Kids!

Are you looking for phenomenal self esteem books for kids to add to your collection at home or at school? Then this list of self confidence books, stories about self love and all the reasons to rock what we’ve got is the list for you!

Self Esteem Books for Kids

Growth Mindset Books for Kids

Some kids are so scared to fail that it becomes paralyzing and destroys confidence. That’s where growth mindset to come in. If we can change our kids’ thinking from “I can’t do it” to “I can’t do it YET,” we’ll come a long way towards boosting confidence in our children. Check out this fabulous list of picture books!

Self Esteem Books for Kids

Children’s Books About Courage

Self confidence tanks when kids feel scared. What to do? Grab some of these picture books about courage to validate your children’s fears and then help build their confidence to work through them. There are such gems on this list!

Self Esteem Books for Kids

Children’s Books About Perseverance

Children fail. It’s inevitable. But confident kids are also resilient kids. It is so important to support them when they fall and encourage them to pick back up and try again — because they also learn best when they experience success. Check out these amazing books about perseverance and resilience!

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