MARY WEARS WHAT SHE WANTS, Another Awesome Book About Strong Girls!

MARY WEARS WHAT SHE WANTS, by Keith Negley, is another fabulous book about strong girls. If you haven’t seen it yet, I can’t recommend it highly enough!

Mary Wears What She Wants, by Keith Negley

Use your voice. Hold your head high. Color outside the lines.

It’s easier said than done. Sometimes, even when you want something desperately, it is daunting to go after your dream when others are trying so hard to steer you in a totally different direction. But when people — especially kids — keep on marching forward despite the naysayers, it’s pretty amazing to witness.

I’ve always loved books that showcase children going against the grain to get what they want, and Keith Negley’s MARY WEARS WHAT SHE WANTS is a fabulous and special story doing just that, and I just love it!

Mary Wears What she Wants by Keith Negley, books about strong girls

MARY WEARS WHAT SHE WANTS is inspired by the true story of Mary Edwards Walker, a trailblazing doctor who rebelled against the traditional clothing typically worn by women and girls in the 1800s. Why? Because girls were supposed to wear dresses, and only boys could wear pants. But pants were more comfortable - they allowed for more freedom and movement. So what did Mary do? Supported by her parents, she had a novel idea — she would wear whatever she wanted!

Strong girls. For such a long time, so many people have tried to hold girls back. Girls have had different opportunities, were forced to wear different clothes, have different goals, and work hard for others rather than themselves.

But it’s all changing now, in this era of girl power, and it’s amazing to witness women standing up, refusing to be silenced, and reaching for their highest potential. It’s both remarkable and astonishing to witness this revolution, this time that encourages young girls to be who and what they want to be.

Mary Wears What she Wants by Keith Negley, books about strong girls

I love MARY WEARS WHAT SHE WANTS for the way it so beautifully conveys that our single, individual voices have so much power to make positive change and can even challenge restrictive societal norms. Our daughters — and our sons! — can truly go after what they want — if they believe in themselves and don’t let the negativity and doubts of others hold them back.

This book is perfect for your girls and equally perfect for your boys. Raising our children to stand tall in their shoes and stick to their ideals is something we should all strive for as parents, and this book is a fabulous portrayal of this exact notion. Two trunks up!

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