Any Takers for a FIELD TRIP TO THE MOON? We're In!

Inside: A FIELD TRIP TO THE MOON? Yes please! Check out this fabulous new wordless book by John Hare.

Field Trip to the Moon by John Hare

What is it about the moon that inspires such awe and wonder in children?

Is it the endless black sky? The spinning planets, rotating gently in the universe with hints of extraterrestrial life? The rocket ships that blast off, taking humans to the far off depths of the galaxy?

No matter what it is, one thing is for certain: space is fodder for imaginative play, and the right books can bring that play to levels you’ve never seen before.

And so it is with FIELD TRIP TO THE MOON, a new book by John Hare that my boys and I fell in love with on our very first read.

Field Trip to the Moon, by John Hare

FIELD TRIP TO THE MOON is a wordless picture book about one lucky class that takes an epic field trip to the moon! Zip up your space suits and hop aboard the spaceship bus for one fantastic adventure.

The students land on the moon and begin exploring with their teacher, but — uh oh!

When one student takes a break to paint some pictures of his extraordinary surroundings, he falls asleep… and when he wakes up, it’s not his classmates he finds, but some other creatures instead.

We adore this imaginative, out of this world romp!

Field Trip to the Moon by John Hare

There’s nothing better than a wordless picture book set in space!

I love the way a child can pick up FIELD TRIP TO THE MOON and run wild with it. Why? Because the possibilities for storytelling are endless.

Will your child make up languages for the aliens? Is it the aliens that are actually narrating the story? Who is this lonely child anyway, and how on earth did this class get to go on a trip to space? And have the aliens never before seen color?

My boys were delighted with this one, and the illustrations of the aliens painting on each other’s bodies — including giving them faces — especially made them giggle. Fun, inventive, and imaginative, I guarantee if you give FIELD TRIP TO THE MOON to your kiddos and listen as they tell you the story, you will be amazed at what they come up with .

Two trunks up!

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*HEE received an advanced copy of FIELD TRIP TO THE MOON from the publisher for review consideration, but all opinions contained herein are expressly our own.