Funny Children's Books: "Best Frints" forever!

A funny children’s books that will have your kids begin speaking in another language?! If that sounds fun, you MUST check out Best Frints in the Whole Universe. My boys laughed for days!

funny children's books, best frints in the whole universe

If you love funny children’s books, this is a must for your shelves!

I mean, if you want to get your kids or students cracking up, run, don't walk to the nearest book store and get Best Frints in the Whole Universe, by Antoinette Portis, now. I'm not sure what my kids like more-- the fact that the book is hilarious, or the fact that I have yet to read it with a straight face. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it- this book is all around fun, and a perfect one to add to your shelves if you love funny children’s books. But don't be fooled- it has a great impact on learning too!

Best Frints in the Whole Universe is about two residents of the planet Boborp who have been best buds- or "Frints" - since they were just little blobbies. But when Omek decides to take Yelfred's spaceship out for a spin-- without asking-- their "frintship" hits a universe-sized snag. Will they eventually make up and get past it? Or are they destined to be "alienated" from each other forever?

Oh my goodness. This book and its retro-colored, wacky and zany illustrations will have you in stitches-- though be forewarned the characters do get into some sticky fights and games, so it may not be ideal for all kids (remember, you know your little ones best!). All the fun notwithstanding, Best Frints in the Whole Universe also does wonders to help your kids understand how to decode unfamiliar words by studying the pictures and by using context clues. It's a great book for language development and a fabulously fun and funny children’s book on friendship. A big, big winner in our home! 


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Want the book? Get it here! Best Frints in the Whole Universe, by Antoinette Portis