Picture Books About Friendship: BIKES FOR SALE & Chance Encounters!

We adore picture books about friendship here at Happily Ever Elephants, and BIKES FOR SALE is a fabulously fun, quirky and perfect new read for your little ones! If you love stories featuring adorable characters and chance encounters, BIKES FOR SALE, by Carter Higgins and illustrated by Zachariah OHora is a must!

Picture Books About Friendship, Bikes for Sale, by Carter Higgins and Zachariah OHora

BIKES FOR SALE is a fantastic new picture book about friendship, featuring cute characters, chance encounters… and lemonade, of course!

I didn’t know that it would take going to college in New Orleans to meet one of my most cherished friends, another girl from Miami who lived less than five minutes from me at home. It’s funny the way the world works, the way your very best friend may be living practically around the corner, and only a chance encounter will bring the two of you together. Perhaps that’s why I fell totally head over heels in love with BIKES FOR SALE, and the way it spotlights fate and new friendships!

BIKES FOR SALE is a fantastic new book by Carter Higgins (author of two of our faves, HOW TO BUILD A TREEHOUSE and THIS IS NOT A VALENTINE), and illustrated by the fabulously talented Zachariah OHora.

In BIKES FOR SALE, Maurice and Lotta both ride their bikes every day: Maurice, to sell lemonade and Lotta, to collect sticks. They both keep to their own circles and routines, and they never cross paths. Until, that is, the day that a downed branch and a runaway lemon peel cause their worlds to collide— at the bike shop, no less! Soon Maurice and Lotta are riding together, and the coincidence that led them to one another created a friendship they were meant to have all along.

There’s no debating it: BIKES FOR SALE is the perfect new picture book about friendship to add to your collections!

I have always been enchanted by fate and the way some things just happen, for no apparent reason... and though these events may seem disastrous at first, they often lead to the greatest rewards. I love BIKES FOR SALE for this very reason, for the way it shows children that disasters may occur, even at no fault of their own, but they can lead to gifts of unimaginable greatness.

BIKES FOR SALE reminds us that if we get out of our comfort zone, if we switch up our customary practices even just a teeny tiny bit, we may reap great benefits. It is not always easy for a child to break free of an established routine — in fact, sometimes it feels more challenging than taking a bowl of ice cream away from a kid who has been begging for dessert since breakfast! — but with the help of stories like BIKES FOR SALE, we can help kids recognize that changing things up every so often leads to growth, adventure, and the very best surprises. And in the case of this fabulous new book, the surprise comes in the form of one special new friendship. We simply love it!!

And here, in her own words, the great Carter Higgins shares why BIKES FOR SALE gets two trunks up!

We hope you enjoy BIKES FOR SALE as much as we do. Enjoy, and happy reading!


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