Children's Books About MOMS that Celebrate The Ones We Adore

It’s always the perfect time to share children’s books about MOMS with your little ones, and we have just the list for you! And guess what? We’ve also thrown in some of our favorite books about GRANDMAS, and some awesome craft activities too. Moms should be celebrated all year long, and this awesome list of books and crafts will help you do just that!

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Children's Books ABout Moms

Celebrate Mothers with these Children’s Books About Moms!


We wipe tears, mend hearts, inspire uproarious laughter, and work hard to ensure each and every one of our children’s days is a great one.

With each passing hour, we watch our sweet babies grow. We marvel at each tiny movement, each radiant smile, each joyful giggle and goofy wiggle.

Yet as children get older, motherhood is not all fun and games. Some days it feels like the whole world is conspiring against us, like our children have turned into beasts right before our eyes, and we’re navigating an unknown journey with no roadmap and no one to tell us how to reach the finish line.

And those days are so, so tough!

Us moms are constantly scurrying to adapt to new life stages, new experiences, new emotions. With every smile comes a frown - with every success comes a great obstacle.

There are growing pains, for sure, but there is also infinite joy as we watch our kids grow from infants to toddlers, toddlers to kids, kids to tweens and then teens and — gasp! — adults.

And when we witness our children, no matter how old, act with compassion towards another, advocate for a cause they are passionate about, ace a test they spent long hours studying for, or score the winning point at a playoff basketball game, there is no doubt we forget about every challenge on our journey and beam with pride as we cheer our kids along from the sidelines.

Mothers, no doubt, are real life superheroes, the foundation and heart of the family unit.

Yet so many times, we think we aren’t perfect. We worry about whether we are going at this parenting thing all wrong.

But guess what? Those kids of yours? They think you’re awesome. No questions asked, unbelievably, unquestionably, whole-heartedly, shout it from the rooftops AWESOME. And because you are so awesome? They love spending time with you, especially those tender, quiet moments where you connect, cuddle and listen to each other’s words and hearts.

Reading children’s books about moms are perfect for providing those special moments of connection!

I have always loved reading children’s books about moms with my own kids because these are the books that truly help us connect.

These are the books that make us laugh because they are so authentically real. They highlight those moments — some exhilarating, some infuriating — that make us groan and giggle.

Children’s books about moms also remind us of the unique and incomparable bond between parent and child, and, most importantly, they help us remember that we are doing a really good job at this parenting gig.

Being a mom is harder, more intimidating and more strenuous than any 9-5 career you will ever have. But for all of its challenges, it is also one of life’s most rewarding and awe-inspiring experiences.

So don’t delay… it is time to celebrate motherhood with these phenomenal children’s books about moms! These touching, funny and heartwarming stories showcase the highs and lows of motherhood, the many ways that a mother’s gentle wisdom encourages her children to soar, and the unbreakable bonds between a mother and her baby. Enjoy!

Happily Ever Elephants’ Most Cherished Books About Moms!

Children's Books About Moms, My Mommy Medicine by Edwidge Danticat

My Mommy Medicine, by Edwidge Danticat and illustrated by Shannon Wright: I have long adored Edwidge Danticat’s writing and was so excited to see this beautiful new story about “Mommy Medicine,” the best antidote for any child’s illness! From yummy cups of hot chocolate to warm bubble baths, from card games to bedtime songs and stories made up with love, this tender book celebrates the way that mom has the uncanny ability to heal any sickness with love, tenderness and an unlimited amount of snuggles for her baby.

Children's Books About Moms, Mom and Me Me and Mom, by Miguel Tanco

Mom and Me, Me and Mom, by Miguel Tanco: The illustrations in this whimsical book make me swoon. This is a poignant story highlighting those sweet, mundane moments that epitomize what it means to be a mom: fixing her child’s hair, sitting down for just one more tea party, and listening to shells together on the beach. It perfectly showcases that a mother’s love is unwavering, and whether it is a chaotic moment, a routine moment, or a moment of relaxation, a mother’s relationship with her child is supremely precious.

Children's Books About Moms, Superhero Mom by Joe Berger

Superhero Mom, by Timothy Knapman and illustrated by Joe Berger: Every mom is unique, no doubt. But in very rare circumstances, you may just discover one kind of mom that’s different from all others. What kind of mom is that? The Superhero Mom, of course! This lively children’s book about moms celebrates a mother’s unique abilities to leap out of bed, multitask, and save the day. This makes her pretty great — as does her super strength (she carries so many things!) and her speed (she can fly when we are rushing!) This is such a fun story to celebrate all of the ways in which every mother is a real life superhero!

Children's Books About Moms, When I Carried You in My Belly by Thrity Umrigar

When I Carried You in My Belly, by Thrity Umrigar and illustrated by ZIyue Chen: This poignant book is an ode to a new baby, as a young mom explains to her little girl how the child’s kindness, athleticism, sweetness and caring spirit was nurtured even before she was born. It all leads back to the days when the child was in her mom’s tummy, and her mom would sing, dance, share chocolate cake, and take care of the people and animals around her. Such a tender story, and so full of love!

Our Very Favorite Children's Books About Moms!
Children's Books About Moms, Loving Hands by Tony Johnston and Amy June Bates

Loving Hands, by Tony Johnson and illustrated by Amy June Bates: If you are a parent or a guardian, I dare you to read this without crying! In this beautiful ode to the love shared between a mother and her son, readers see how the tiniest of life’s moments are always grounded in love and reassurance. Though the boy continually reaches for his mother’s hand as he grows, time eventually passes and he becomes the one offering affection and support to his mother. A tender, gentle beauty.

Children's Books About Moms, You are my Happy by Hoda Kotb

You Are My Happy, by Hoda Kotb and illustrated by Suzie Mason: When Mama Bear and her little cub snuggle together at the end of the day, they reflect on all of the day’s experiences that brought them joy. From learning from mistakes to wiggling and giggling, from taking flight to cuddling tight, this tender book beautifully conveys that parents are so thankful for their children, and each day brings shared, wondrous moments for which we can forever be grateful.

Children's Books About Moms

Mommy’s Khimar, by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow and illustrated by Ebony Glenn: This is a quiet beauty about a young Muslim girl who plays dress-up in her mother’s colorful headscarf. It is a gorgeous and oh-so-important mirror book for Muslim children and a wonderful window book for others, especially as it so elegantly challenges Islamophobic chatter. Mommy’s Khimar exudes warmth, love and tenderness, and it is a beautiful, relatable story for so many kids.

Children's Books About Moms, mama do you love me by Barbara Joose

Mama Do you Love Me, by Barbara M. Joosee and Barbara LaVallee: A parent’s love is forever, and this stunning diverse baby book celebrates that very concept as a young child seeks to test her independence. It is a beautiful story of an Inuit mother and daughter, conveying the universal message that a parent’s love is timeless and unbreakable. A tender story combined with exquisite illustrations make this a classic!!

Children's Books About Moms, Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You, by Nancy Tilman

Wherever You are My Love Will Find You, by Nancy Tilman: There is so much love inside these pages, and the message to the child being read to - that a parent's love will always be with you, wherever you go, however you grow, whether you have a good day or a bad day - is beautiful. The gorgeous and whimsical illustrations make turning every page an honest to goodness treat. I adore many of Tillman's stories, but this one truly sings. If you get through this one the first time you read it without crying, I’ll give you a medal!

Children's Books About Moms, Dreamers by Yuyi Morales

Dreamers, by Yuyi Morales: This is an exquisitely crafted and collaged book about immigrants and the way in which words and stories changed the lives of a mother and her son upon arriving to the United States. It is a poignant testament to the power of a mother stopping at nothing to give her child a better life, highlighting the sanctitude found in libraries, the magic of books, and the enormous promise that lies within the pages of every piece of literature.

Children's Books About Moms, The Kissing Hand, by Audrey Penn

The Kissing Hand, by Audrey Penn and illustrated by Ruth E. Harper: Leaving a parent is not easy for many kids. Separation anxiety, much?? Whether it’s going to school for the first time (or even the 100th time!) or simply being left with a babysitter, that separation can be tough with a capital T. This book has helped us through so many situations, and my boys always remember that wherever they go, I am always with them, even if not physically present. I can't even recall how many times I have reminded them to make use of their kissing hands - it has become so ingrained in our routines. All the love for this one and its ability to speak so perfectly to children! See our full review HERE.

Children's Books About Moms, Mommy Mama and Me

Mommy, Mama and Me, by Leslea Newman: We love this board book that highlights family diversity and alternative family structures, namely, a toddler with two moms. Though their family may look different on the outside, this trio goes about their day just like any other family — playing games and eating together and snuggling and going to sleep. Such a sweet one!

Children's Books About Moms, I Love You Stinky Face

I Love You, Stinky Face, by Lisa McCourt and illustrated by Cyd Moore: “Mommy, mommy, will you still love me if….” YES! Yes, I’ll still love you if… Have you heard these questions before? Then this book is a must. It’s silly, it’s wacky, but it drives home a very important point: a parent’s love is constant and unwavering, no matter the situation, no matter the stink! This one is a blast - an oldie but goodie!

Children's Books About Moms, A Chair for My Mother

A Chair for My Mother, by Vera M. Williams: After their home is a destroyed by a fire, Rosa and her family save coins in a big jar. What are they saving up for? A big, comfortable chair so the family can relax after their respective long days. This story is poignant and so beautifully conveys one spirited family’s will to persevere after a tragedy as well as the gratitude they display to those around them, even when their own losses were devastating.

Children's Books About Moms, The Mommy Book by Todd Parr

The Mommy Book, by Todd Parr: We love Parr’s simple stories which are so perfect for your littlest readers. In this one, he celebrates all different types of mommies, from singing moms to storytelling moms, work at home moms to work in big building moms, cooking at home moms or (our personal favorite!) ordering in pizza moms. HIs vibrant illustrations and childlike stick fingers attract little eyes, while the book’s refrain, that all moms love their kids, make this one young children won’t soon forget.

Children's Books About Moms, The Best Mother by C.M. Surrisi

The Best Mother, by C.M. Surrisi and illustrated by Diane Goode: This book never fails to make us laugh! What child, in a fit of anger or frustration, hasn’t proclaimed that they wish they had a new mother and are going to find one? This comical story shows children exactly what may happen if you go on a the hunt for a new mom — and, surprisingly, a new parent may present a whole new slew of problems. Maybe, just maybe, your “old” mama is the best one of all. For all those children that wonder if the grass is greener in different situations, this sweet and fun book shows that nothing is sweeter than your own mother’s love!

Children's Books About Moms, Imani's Moon

Imani’s Moon, by Janay Brown-Wood and illustrated by Hazel Mitchell: I so love this tender story of perseverance, and the way a mother’s love and storytelling encourage one tiny girl to reach for the moon. This is the story of Imani, a young Maasi child and the smallest girl in her village. Thought she is constantly teased by everyone around her, she tells the other children that she will touch the moon, inspired by her mother’s nightime stories about Olapa, the moon goddess. Undeterred by the taunts of the other kids, small Imani is determined to reach her goal. And though she has her moments of doubt and her extreme setbacks, she never gives up until, indeed, she soars to the moon.

Children's Books About Moms, Love Mama by Jeanette Bradley

Love, Mama by Jeanette Bradley: Mama has to leave her little penguin, Kipling, for a bit. And though Kipling knows Mama will be back soon, he can’t help but miss her tons. Before long, Kipling is excited to find a special delivery from Mama — a paper heart to remind Kipling how much he is loved, and how far Mama’s love will always reach. This is a sweet, tender story, perfect for kids with a mom who is continually on the road!


We know, we know — it’s not always the moms that hold everything together, sometimes it’s the grandmas too! And we would be remiss if we didn’t include some of our favorite books about grandmothers because, after all, we wouldn’t have MOMS without GRANDMOMS! Enjoy these awesome selections!

Children's Books About Moms, A Gift from Abuela by Cecilia Ruiz

A Gift from Abuela, by Celia Ruiz: This is a touching story about the love shared between abuela and her granddaughter. Abuela is saving up to buy something special for her special girl, but when her world turns upside down, it seems her surprise will be impossible. Luckily, the time Abuela and Nina spend together may just end up being the most special gift of all. Love this story about family bonds that even the passage of time can’t shake!

Children's Books About Moms, Nana in the City by Lauren Castillo

Nana in the City, by Lauren Castillo: A child is a bit nervous to go visit his Nana in the big city. But while he is there for his sleepover, Nana helps him see that the busy, bustling and loud city is not scary, but rather fun. All he needs is the perfect gear to help him remember to be brave — which comes in the form of one special cape given to him with love by Nana!

Children's Books About Moms, Grandma's PUrse by Vanessa Brantley-Newton

Grandma’s Purse, by Vanessa Brantley Newton: Grandma Mimi is coming! And though she always brings oodles of hugs and treats, nothing is better than… Grandma’s purse! There’s no guessing what is inside Grandma’s magical, mystical bag. Whether it’s fancy jewelry, souvenirs from around the world, or other magical treasures, chance are, that purse will contain something special, something that will transform an ordinary day into one that is extraordinary!

Children's Books About Moms, How to Babysit a Grandma

How to Babysit a Grandma, by Jean Reagan and illustrated by Lee Wildish: If you are going to babysit a grandma, chances are, you will get to babysit at her house — and sleep there, too! This book will have you in stitches as you get tips and all the ins and outs for babysitting your favorite grandparent, including what to do at the park, how to keep a grandma busy, and what to do at bedtime.

Children's Books About Moms, When Grandma Gives you a Lemon Tree.

When Grandma Gives you a Lemon Tree, by Jamie L.B. Deenihan and illustrated by Lorraine Rocha: One little girl is a bit disappointed when her birthday arrives and grandma gives her… a lemon tree. What on earth will she do with a lemon tree? Yet, when she follows the narrator’s instructions, she may discover that grandma’s gift was exactly what she needed — and wanted — after all. We love this story about turning life’s lemons into lemonade!


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children's books about moms, including awesome crafts for mother's day

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The Essential List of Children's Books About Moms!