Teaching Perspective with Rosie's Glasses

Teaching perspective to little ones is not always easy. It can be a tough concept for kids to grasp, whether you are trying to encourage them to view a situation from someone else’s perspective, or teach them to look at their own lives through different lenses. Rosie’s Glasses, a new favorite children’s book about perspective, will definitely help. Check it out!

Teaching Perspective with Rosie's Glasses by Dave Whamond

Perspective is a fascinating concept for kids, and I adore books that handle teaching perspective in unique ways, such as Lane Smith’s The Perfect Day, Brenden Wenzel’s They All Saw a Cat, and A Tale of Two Beasts by Fiona Robertson. But those books all describe how we look at life through someone else’s shoes. What about looking at your own life with a different perspective? How do we encourage a child who is having a glass half empty kind of day to thinking about it being half full instead?

Enter Rosie’s Glasses, a fabulously creative new wordless picture book by Dave Whamond which makes teaching perspective easier! In this wordless picture book, Rosie wakes up one morning to a drab, black and white world devoid of color. She has a gray cloud over her head, and that cloud follows her every move. But on her way home from school, she finds an odd pair of glasses. And when she puts them on? The world transforms! Gone is the gray, and in its place is vibrance and color. With her new glasses on, Rosie can suddenly see the beauty in the world around her — even that storm cloud above her head is gone! But will Rosie still see the joy in the world around her without her glasses on? Or are the glasses some kind of magic?

Why You Should Use Rosie’s Glasses When Teaching Perspective

I can’t rave about Rosie’s Glasses enough. Children will love reading it because of the way it lends itself so perfectly to individual interpretation. Kids of all ages will write their own experiences into the wordless illustrations, which is one of the reasons this book is truly magical. What I adore most about Rosie’s Glasses, though, is the way it so brilliantly imparts that each and everyone of us has control over how we see the world and our place within it. Perspective has so much to do with our unique experiences, and If we shift the manner in which we view the world, even ever so slightly, we may also be able to eventually change our own attitudes, especially the ones that can be detrimental to us. Rosie’s Glasses is a fabulous book on growth mindset and courage, reminding each and every one of us that we can train ourselves to view the world with rosier colored glasses. Two enthusiastic trunks up!

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