Little Senses: Brilliant New Sensory Processing Disorder Books for Kids!

It is not easy to find sensory processing disorder books for kids, or books for autistic children or kids with other forms of neurodiversity. But these two new books by Samantha Cotterill, part of a new series called Little Senses, are just brilliant. Check them out!

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Sensory Processing Disorder Books for Kids

Sensory Processing Disorder books for kids are challenging to find!

When I first learned my stroke survivor had some sensory challenges, I had NO clue how to make sense of it. Proprioceptive input, vestibular input, tactile sensitivity, what? It was entirely confusing to me, and I read so many books to help me make sense of the central nervous system and the brain so I could learn how best to help my sweet boy.

We have been lucky in that Bo’s sensory challenges are very minor, but since he has been in occupational therapy, I’ve become aware of just how many children have sensory processing disorder or another form of neurodiversity, and I have seen first hand how differently it manifests itself in every kid.

From feeding problems to seeking touch to avoiding touch to challenges with all kinds of noises, there are so many obstacles to overcome with kids diagnosed with sensory processing disorder, autism or other forms of neurodiversity.

Of course, as Bo got older, I began to look for books featuring kids with neurodiversity. Yet, I found so few quality stories, and it became incredibly disheartening. I am thrilled, though, that this week we have a new fabulous series to turn to, and the first two books, NOPE. NEVER. NOT FOR ME! and THIS BEACH IS LOUD! have officially hit stores!

Little Senses is a fabulous new series of Sensory Processing Disorder books for kids!

These books, written by the brilliant Samantha Cotterill, are the stories Samantha wishes she had as a child growing up with Asperger Syndrome. Not only are they brilliant (we love “own voices” books for the way they so authentically portray typically marginalized communities), but they are especially fabulous because they include no labels within the narrative — thus, they don’t mention sensory processing disorder, autism, or anything of the sort.

Instead, this new series is both educational for neurotypical kids by creating awareness and understanding, and it provides neurodiverse children with light-hearted, fun stories (they even contain a touch of humor!) in which these courageous kids can see themselves conquering challenges. It’s a win-win!

Without further ado, meet NOPE. NEVER. NOT FOR ME! and THIS BEACH IS LOUD!

Sensory Processing Disorder Books, Nope never Not for Me

Our new favorite Sensory Processing Disorder Books for Kids

NOPE. NEVER. NOT FOR ME!, by Samantha Cotterill: I can’t tell you how excited I am about this book! This sweet story helps all kids — particularly those with autism or sensory disorders — tackle that all too familiar challenge: trying a new food. We all know the drill. We get dinner on the table, and all of a sudden a child screams ewwwww! The food, of course, looks weird or squishy or too green or too slimy or too prickly!

Sensory Processing Disorder Books for Kids

In NOPE. NEVER. NOT FOR ME! the offensive food is broccoli. But thanks to the way Mom helps her daughter carefully and thoughtfully explore the vegetable on the plate before her, the child sniffs it, touches it, and eventually takes a bite. And what do you know? It’s not so bad after all. This one is SUCH a gem!

Sensory Processing Disorder Books for Kids, This Beach is Loud.jpg

THIS BEACH IS LOUD!, by Samantha Cotterill: This is a fabulous story about what happens when a day at the beach turns too loud and too sandy for one sensitive boy. Preparing to see the ocean is so exciting, but when you get there, and things get overwhelming, what to do?

sensory processing disorder books for kids

The water is too splashy, the sand is too sandy, the birds are too flappy, and the planes are LOUD! One clever dad has some ideas and tricks to help his little one work through the sounds, sites and sensations at the beach that are a bit too much to handle. THIS BEACH IS LOUD! is another fabulously sensitive portrayal of a child with autism or sensory processing disorder!

For more information about Sensory Processing Disorder, I encourage you to check out STAR Institute for Sensory Processing Disorder.

To read more about Samantha Cotterill, check out this fabulous interview on Kid Lit Frenzy!



Brilliant Sensory Processing Disorder Books for Kids by Samantha Cotterill