Teaching Kids the Power of Words With WORDS AND YOUR HEART, by Kate Jane Neal

Inside: Sometimes all you need is a book to help teach kids about the impact their words can have on others. And this one? This one is just perfect. Check out why we love WORDS AND YOUR HEART!

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Words and Your Heart By Kate Jane Neal


“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.”

How many of you find yourselves saying this to your kids, then stepping back and laughing inwardly because you realize you sound just like your mom?

It’s been happening more and more lately as my kids think they can say whatever the heck they want to each other without consequences. And then I swoop in — channelling my beautiful, classy mother — and tell them to stop calling each other “poopy head” because my goodness, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all!

WORDS AND YOUR HEART came to us at the perfect time!

My boys are only 6 and 4 — and my big one is only just now starting to understand the impact that our words can have on another. My little one doesn’t get it yet — but that doesn’t mean I can’t start teaching him about the power of our words.

One of our fabulous followers over on Instagram recommended Kate Jane Neal’s WORDS AND YOUR HEART to me, and I am eternally grateful. This book came into our home at the perfect time, and I fell for it quickly. It’s value is immense, and it’s simple, clear message is one of the most important ones we can impart to our children.

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WORDS AND YOUR HEART is a deceptively complex book. The prose is simple — yet its message is incredibly profound. The story walks readers through the many amazing things that words can do, focusing primarily on the ways words can have an effect on our hearts… and as we know, when it comes to matters of the heart, if our hearts are affected, our emotions are, too.

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WORDS AND YOUR HEART conveys the idea that some words make us feel like we’re standing on top of the world, make us so happy that we can’t control the smiles that spread across our faces, from cheek to cheek and back again. Other words, though, can crush our spirits entirely. They hurt our feelings, bruise our souls, and make us want to hide in our beds and never crawl out of our rooms.

Through simple yet powerful prose that is at once authentic and easy for your youngest children to understand — while also delivering profound lessons your older kids will ponder — each page from WORDS AND YOUR HEART delivers an important lesson that your whole family will take to heart.

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If you haven’t yet begun to teach your children the power of their words, WORDS AND YOUR HEART is the perfect book to use as a springboard to this critical discussion. If you have begun this conversation at home, this is a perfect book to reinforce it. Words have the power to heal — yet they also have the power to destroy. Together, we can teach our children to use their words as a force for good. And WORDS AND YOUR HEART will help us all get there.

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Words and Your Heart, by Kate Jane Neal