Maybe Tomorrow? by Charlotte Agell, A Fabulous New Children's Book About Grief

Inside: MAYBE TOMORROW, by Charlotte Agell and illustrated by Ana Ramirez Gonzalez, is one of the best children’s books about sadness I’ve ever read, a must have to keep on your children’s bookshelves. Check it out!

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Maybe Tomorrow by Charlotte Agell

Maybe Tomorrow? by Charlotte Agell, Offers Children a Beautiful Exploration of Loss and Recovery


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There are no words to describe MAYBE TOMORROW?. It is phenomenal. I have been sitting with this one for a while, trying to figure out what I wanted to say about it, and I’ll start with this:

MAYBE TOMORROW? is a book I wish I had two years ago when I got divorced. It is so very difficult to talk about grief with a child, even harder to try to explain what grief is and how to get through it. So when a book comes along and gives you a beautiful and accessible way to discuss this big emotion, I want to shout about it from the rooftops and make sure word travels near and far so that it finds its way to every child and family that needs it.

In MAYBE TOMORROW?, Elba, a pink hippo, has been dragging around a great big block for a long time. It’s tethered to her, and as you can imagine, it greatly limits her potential, not to mention her ability to engage in certain activities.

Maybe Tomorrow? by Charlotte Agell

Norris, on the other hand, doesn’t drag but instead happily dances wherever he goes. He is even surrounded by a cloud of butterflies. Norris tries to have Elba join him on his adventures, but the block often gets in Elba’s way. Norris never gives up though, patiently and compassionately cajoling her to join him, all the while following her lead and helping her manage her block.

When Elba reveals that her friend Little Bird is gone, Norris is sensitive to her pain and helps her manage it. Eventually, little by little, Elba’s block becomes smaller.

MAYBE TOMORROW? gently and tenderly explores grief through the use of an extended metaphor that gives a perfect visual to this challenging emotion. Whether experiencing the loss of a loved one, loss of a pet, a parental separation, or even a big move, MAYBE TOMORROW? is a perfect tool to help kids process their grief.

Maybe Tomorrow?, by Charlotte Agell

The use of the dragging block is a beautiful way to give words to the unsettling or heavy feelings children may possess. And the manner in which Norris patiently helps Elba work through these tough emotions, just by being there, is magnificently done.

MAYBE TOMORROW? is one of those books that can comfort anyone, from the youngest child to the oldest adult, for the message it conveys is simple, yet profound. Grief is a complex emotion that affects every person in a different way, yet this book speaks to all, and it does so perfectly. Every child will need this book one day, and it is therefore one I encourage each and every one of you to have on your bookshelf.

Two HUGE trunks up for this treasure!

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Maybe Tomorrow? by Charlotte Agell