The Power of Voice: Say Something!, by Peter H. Reynolds

I love when children begin to understand the power of voice, when they come to realize that their words carry significant weight. And Peter H. Reynolds’ new book, Say Something!, is a fabulous celebration of the many ways in which our kids can make their voices heard.

Say Something by Peter Reynolds a new book about power of voice

How amazing is it to see young people use their voices to advocate for the things they believe in? Even better, how cool is it when you witness your own kids and students coming into themselves, learning about the power of voice, and then doing something with their new-found, mighty words? I love helping my own boys and students discover that they can be incredible advocates for themselves and others, and Peter Reynolds’ latest book, Say Something!, is a testament to the many ways that even a single voice can make a difference in our big world.

Say Something! Celebrates the Power of Voice

Say Something! celebrates all of the ways in which we can make our voices heard— and all of the causes for which we may want to stand up. If you see an injustice, you can say something to make a difference. If you have an idea, you can say something to bring it to life! If you want to fight for a cause you find important, say something and do your part to help! This empowering story reminds kids that their voices are not just important, but so very, very necessary to the world’s dialogue. The power of voice is a remarkable thing- and this is a great book to foster the notion that children should be seen AND heard.

I love the way Say Something! encourages kids to place themselves on stage — whether real or metaphorical — and stand up for the things they believe in. Recognizing that our words can have an impact on the world around us can be daunting. It takes courage to speak up, and it can take tremendous perseverance to actually make yourself heard. But being armed with knowledge that our voices are tools to build goodness and weapons to destroy hate is a mighty, mighty thing... and this empowering book shows kids all the ways in which their words matter. Reynolds’ work is always spot on for me. He tackles weighty issues with such a delicate, kid friendly touch, managing to Inspire, teach and motivate while simultaneously entertaining kids with his trademark illustration style and text. This is a perfect book to inspire the youngest activists, and it’s yet another winner in a long line of winning books by Peter Reynolds. Two trunks up!!

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