Self Esteem Books for Kids: ALL THE WAYS TO BE SMART is a Winner!

All The Ways to be Smart is one of the best self esteem books for kids I’ve seen in a long time! This beautiful book celebrates all children and their unique abilities, including academic intelligence, social intelligence and emotional intelligence.

All the Ways to Be Smart is one of the best self esteem books for kids, touching upon emotional intelligence, academic intelligence, and social intelligence.jpg

All the Ways to Be Smart is one Fantastic Self Esteem Books for Kids! Why? Keep on reading!

When most people think of intelligence, a person who is academically inclined usually comes to mind first: that child who began to read earlier than any other student in the class; the kid who won the spelling bee; the girl who always brings home the gold medal from the “Mathletes” competitions. You know, the bookish kids who are always at the top of their class when it comes to grades. But, let’s be honest. While being “book smart” is great for obvious reasons, so many of our children are intelligent in other tremendously important, but less celebrated ways - especially mine! Perhaps this is why I fell head over heels for All the Ways to Be Smart, an upcoming book written by Davina Bell and illustrated by Allison Colpoys.

In All the Ways to Be Smart, a diverse group of children celebrate the ways in which they are just that — smart. From readers to builders, creators to healers, this book showcases all of the various ways children display their own unique forms of intelligence. Intelligence manifests itself so differently in all of our little ones, and each kid’s smarts — whether in the form of creativity, ingenuity, or sensitivity — should not just be recognized, but honored and applauded, too! This book does that so well, and it is beyond special — I can’t rave about it enough! Because of the way it so perfectly celebrates the unique abilities of all children, it is definitely one of our favorite self esteem books for kids.

All the Ways to Be Smart is one of those feel good books that helps each and every child recognize the greatness of his unique attributes. It beautifully conveys that there is no single way to be bright and successful - in fact, most of us cannot check off a box for fitting some perfect academic criteria! Instead, just as no two people are alike, no two people display intelligence in the same way. Whether your child is a musician or an artist, a mathematician or an acrobat, All the Ways to be Smart is a fabulous book for nurturing your child’s sense of self, his self-worth, and his confidence. A must have for young readers, and a book I have loved reading with my own children so very, very much!


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All the Ways to Be Smart is one of the best childrens picture books about creativity and intelligence!.jpg