Books that Teach Point of View: A PERFECT DAY (for some!)

Books that teach point of view come in handy big time when you want to teach kids about perspective. And Lane Smith’s latest, A PERFECT DAY, is a fabulous story to use with your children and students!

Books that Teach Point of View: A Perfect Day (for some!)

Teaching perspective to little ones becomes so much easier with the help of wonderful stories! I love books on this topic - stories that allow our children to think about life from another person's shoes.  Or, as in the case with Lane Smith's beautiful new release, A PERFECT DAY, another animal's "shoes." There has been so much talk about books serving as windows and mirrors lately, and just as it is critical for us to nurture empathy in our kids, it is also an important change of pace for them to read books that are a little lighter, a little sillier.  Even these light books give kids a greater awareness of the world around them, which, as we can all agree, is imperative.

If you need a book that teaches point of view, A PERFECT DAY is, well, just perfect!

In A PERFECT DAY, a cat, a dog, a chickadee and a squirrel are lazing around outside, enjoying the things that comprise their perfect days: the warm sun, flowers, a wading pool, some extra bird seed, and a corn cob.  But then Bear comes along - and his perfect day might just throw a wrench into the blissful experiences of the other animals. Will Bear's perfect day come at the expense of the others? If you need a book that teaches point of view, this one is perfect!

A PERFECT DAY serves as a fabulous entry point to help little ones understand how their actions may affect someone else - and that is what teaching perspective is all about.  After all, one single action by one single person can change another person's life: it can cause great joy or disastrous consequences.  In this case, Bear may not recognize how his decisions affect the smaller animals, but we can use A Perfect Day to show even the youngest of children how their choices influence and alter the experiences had by peers and neighbors. Pair this story with They All Saw a Cat (see our review HERE!). for a fabulous primer on point of view. Two trunks up!

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