ABCs like 123 with These Delightful Alphabet Books for Toddlers!

Our must have ALPHABET BOOKS FOR TODDLERS are here! If you are ready to start teaching your little ones their ABCs, here are 24 of the best alphabet books you can find, as well as a couple great activities, in one handy guide that includes great tips. These are some of the best books for toddlers, so check them out!

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Alphabet Books for Toddlers, the Mega List!

There is something wondrous about watching your kids learn their ABCs. First they memorize the song, then they learn the sounds, and then, at long last, they learn to match sounds and letters.

Teach the ABCs with the Best Alphabet Books for Toddlers

Many children memorize the alphabet song around age 2 or 3, with letter recognition coming sometime thereafter. Usually, by about five years old (or when they are in kindergarten), children are able to match each letter to its corresponding sound. Some children, however, may learn much earlier than that.

Make me a promise?

If you have one of those kids who does not know their ABCs and does not begin writing the next great novel to rival Harry Potter at three years old, PLEASE don’t fret… and please don’t push, either!

Your children will learn their ABCs when they are ready.

Whether they learn at age 2, age 4, or age 5, take a deep breath and remember this: it’s ok!

It is so important for us to respect our children and their individual timelines. I encourage you to be cognizant that just as one child may begin to walk at ten months old and another may not walk until 18 months old, the same is true for learning the alphabet.

There is a huge developmentally appropriate range for learning the ABCs, and the most important thing to remember is that your child will learn the alphabet when he or she is ready!

Alphabet Books for Toddlers Will Help Connect the Dots!

Though you should never pressure your toddler to learn his ABCs, I will always recommend sharing great alphabet books with your kids — because what’s better than introducing a new concept through books?!! The best alphabet books will help children connect the dots between the memorized ABC song, sound recognition, and matching sounds to letters.

Alphabet books help toddlers understand that letters represent actual speech sounds, and each letter has a different sound associated with it. But remember, this is not an easy concept to grasp!

How can you help your toddlers connect the dots as you are reading?

  • Point to the letters as you read to reinforce letter-sound connections.

  • Because most alphabet books contain pictures of an object beginning with the corresponding letter, emphasize the beginning sound of each object (ie., “buh-buh-ball” and “eh-eh-elephant.”) This is a fabulous tool for introducing phonemic awareness.

  • Read alphabet books with pictures of frequently used objects. This helps create and reinforce associations between letters and particular items, and it will also help build vocabulary.

  • Emphasize the letters of their name! I always make a big fuss when to we get to a page featuring the first letter of my boys’ names. As they begin to recognize the first letter of their first name, we move on to the subsequent letters of their name.

  • Keep it fun! The more fun they have while reading alphabet books, the less frustrated they will get.

  • The most important thing you should worry about right now is that your toddler begins to develop a positive association with reading and books. It is more important to begin fostering a reading habit in toddlers than it is to teach a two year old the alphabet!

Always keep in mind that you do not want to push your kids into learning and recognizing the letters. Trust me, I know it can get frustrating if you keep pointing to the first letter of their first name and they don’t get it. But they will. I promise. Just take a deep breath and remember they will master the letters on their own timeline. For now, though, just take it easy and follow their lead.

Expose your Kids to the ABCs with the Best Alphabet Books for Toddlers!

Here at Happily Ever Elephants we have compiled a mega-list of what we believe are the best alphabet books for toddlers. We have arranged them into categories, including interactive books, engaging read-alouds, books that feature both uppercase and lower case letters, alphabet books starring animals, and those ABC books we think are absolutely beautiful.

Once your kiddo begins to master their letters, we have also included some of the best alphabet books for big kids to encourage higher level thinking and inferencing.

We hope you love these books as much as we do, and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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Alphabet Books for Toddles - Teach the ABCs with the very best alphabet books!.jpg

Alphabet Books for Toddlers: Tactile & Interactive Books

Alphabet Books for Toddlers, Alphablock

AlphaBlock, by Christopher Franceschelli and illustrated by Peskimo: This book rocks, plain and simple! It features thick pages, each cut into a capital letter that children will enjoy tracing with their fingers as they familiarize themselves with each letters’ lines, curves and holes. Even better, it presents a peek-through guessing game as kids will use the letter and illustrated clues to determine what word beginning with the corresponding letter is presented on the next page. Genius!

Alphabet Books for Toddlers, TouchThinkLearn ABC

TouchThinkLearn: ABC, by Xavier Deneux: The TouchThinkLearn books are, in my humble opinion, some of the best board books on the market, and I absolutely adore their alphabet book for toddlers. The raised die-cut pieces make this ABC book a tactile experience so different from the other alphabet books out there. The graphics are simple and bright, and this book brilliantly engages children on both visual and sensory levels, creating a much more immersive way to learn ABCs. Amazing!

Alphabet books for toddlers, I spy Letters

I Spy Letters, by Jean Marzollo and illustrated by Walter Wick: What child doesn’t love a game of I Spy? My kids do, and so this book is a no brainer! We love the way the letters in this book each contain a design of an object beginning with the featured letter, and we also love the other trinkets on the page that reinforce the sound of each letter. Such a fun read!

Alphabet books for toddlers, Alphabet Matthew Van Fleet

Alphabet, by Matthew Van Fleet: Van Fleet’s interactive books are just fantastic. In this one, young readers are invited to explore various animals and plants that begin with each featured letter. As they learn the alphabet, they are given an interactive experience, complete with different textures, movable parts, flaps to open, and pages to scratch and sniff. There is no better way to teach the alphabet!

Alphabet Books for Toddlers, B is for Bear

B is for Bear, by Roger Priddy: This was one of the best alphabet books in our house, one my boys turned to again and again. This one features simple rhymes, awesome photographs, and also includes pages that kids can touch and feel for a great sensory experience that immerses them in the alphabet. My children always delighted in touching the bear’s fuzzy nose and smelling the sweet flower!

Alphabet Books for Toddlers, Animalphabet

Animalphabet, by Julia Donaldson and Sharon King: Oh my goodness, this book is stunning! If you want a beautiful book with flaps, peekaboo holes, and an awesome A to Z guessing game, your kids will be mesmerized by this one. This is one of my favorite new alphabet books, and I can’t rave about it enough. This is definitely great for higher level thinking, but because of its very interactive and engaging nature, I wanted to include it in this section!

Alphabet Books for Toddlers- Uppercase and Lowercase Letters

Alphabet Books for Toddlers, The Usborne Alphabet Picture

The Usborne Alphabet Picture Book: This was another one of the best alphabet books in our house! It is big, sturdy and tabbed, making it simple for toddlers to find and flip to their favorite letter, the first of which is typically the first letter of their first name. We love the way it includes both uppercase and lowercase letters in combination with a fun, large illustration. This is by far one of our favorite alphabet books for toddlers!

Alphabet Books for Toddlers, Jane Foster's ABC

Jane Foster’s ABC, by Jane Foster: We adore this striking and simple book that uses fun animals and objects to teach toddlers the alphabet. The pictures contain clean lines and bold colors, with simple text on each page. Bonus? The easy to read text and capital and lowercase letters contained on each page!

Alphabet Books for Toddlers, ABC A Child's First Alphabet Book.jpg

ABC: A Child’s First Alphabet Book, by Alison Jay: Alison Jay’s books are just magical to me. Her illustration style is pure whimsy and elegance, and I therefore adore this beautiful ABC book. Each page features one large object that corresponds to the featured letter, but it also includes additional, smaller objects that also begin with that same letter, encouraging the child to look deep into the pictures to find all of the items beginning with the same sound. And, of course, this is a great introduction to both upper and lowercase letters!

alphabet books for toddlers, Flora Forager ABC

Flora Forager ABC, by Bridget Beth Collins: “Flora Forager” — botanical artist and instagram wonder — created this imaginative alphabet book from natural materials gathered from botanical foraging. It is creative, gorgeous, and awe-inspiring, and you will love seeing how she utilizes these materials to turn each letter into a little masterpiece.

Alphabet Books for Toddlers - Illustration Magic

Alphabet Books for Toddlers, A B See

A B SEE, by Elizabeth Doyle: Oh man, is this book an absolute beauty! Each page of this one features an oversized capital letter, and when you look closely, you will find that each letter is composed of gorgeous images beginning with that particular letter. “A” includes apples, airplanes, automobiles and an alarm clock, whereas M includes a manatee, moon, mitten and monkey. Even better? Each page includes one alliterative line of text corresponding to each letter. An exquisitely gorgeous alphabet book for toddlers!

alphabet books for toddlers, Alphabet City

Alphabet City, by Stephen T. Johnson: This book of realistic watercolors is remarkable, and it is a Caldecott Honor book for good reason! In this ABC book, you and your children will be amazed at the way Johnson finds ordinary objects from around the city, but spies the letter within each. A sawhorse makes the letter A, a traffic light viewed from the side is a letter E, lampposts along a highway form the letter Y, and a fire escape forms the letter Z. Creative, inspiring, and oh so brilliant, this phenomenal book helps kids view their surroundings through artistic lenses, allowing them to see world through a different perspective.

alphabet books for toddlers, On Market Street

On Market Street, written by Arnold Lobel and illustrated by Anita Lobel: We adore this book, and with each read we marvel at all of the illustrations. When a young patron goes to visit Market Street, he stops at all of the stores and each one brings a letter to life! Each shopkeeper is composed entirely of an object corresponding to the featured letter. The child gets apples, books, clocks and more, and each page is more beautifully illustrated than the last!

alphabet books for toddlers, the handmade alphabet

The Handmade Alphabet, by Laura Rankin: This is a stunning book that is also a phenomenal learning resource. Inspired to create The Handmade Alphabet because of her deaf step son, Rankin drew hands signing each letter of the alphabet, thus making it a wonderful introduction to American sign language. Each page also features a beautiful object corresponding to the featured letter. You will be enthralled with the illustrations and the way it so effectively teaches children and adults alike to sign the ABCs!

Alphabet Books for Toddlers: Fun and Engaging Read Alouds

Alphabet books for toddlers, LMNO Peas

LMNO Peas, by Keith Baker: From artist and acrobat peas to zoologist peas, this fun alphabet book gives a great look at different hobbies, careers and interests, with each page detailing all of the things we can be in this great world of ours. Its fun rhyme and vibrant pictures make this a great read aloud for your little ones!

Alphabet books for toddlers, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault and illustrated by Lois Ehlert: Chicka chicka boom boom, will there be enough room? As the letters from A to Z race up the coconut tree and then fall back down, your children will be enthralled! I dare you to read this and then not have the words stuck in your head for the rest of the day — or week. Kids love this one, and the rhythmic text and lively illustrations make it a classic. This will forever be one of the very best alphabet books for children!

Alphabet books for toddlers, Oops Pounce Quick Run

Oops Pounce Quick Run: An Alphabet Caper, by Mike Twohy: This alphabet book for toddlers is creative and so much fun. When dog accidentally rolls his ball into mouse’s house, chaos ensues, from A to Z! It is amazing to see how Twohy tells a full story in one or two word increments, in alphabetical order, that includes nouns, adjectives, verbs, onomatopoeia, and even some abbreviations. A unique and ingenious twist on the alphabet book!

Alphabet Books for Toddlers: Learn the ABCs with Animals!

alphabet books for toddlers, alphabeasties

Alphabeasties and Other Amazing Types, by Sharon Werner and Sarah Forss: An alligator made of As and a zebra made of Zs? This book is so cool for all of you who love not only animals, but art and graphic design, too. I love the way this book uses different typefaces to compose each animal, showing children how letters look a little different depending on the various typesettings utilized. So much fun!

Alphabet books for toddlers, Animalicious

Animalicious: A Quirky ABC Book, by Anna Dewdney and Reed Duncan and illustrated by Claudia Boldt: The creator of the LLAMA LLAMA books brings us this totally entertaining — and totally silly - alphabet book featuring an entire array of made up and imaginative animals. Not only will this one have your kiddos laughing, but you will be teaching them new vocabulary as you giggle at each made up animal, from the “Anonymouse” who is trying hard to hide, to the “Blaboon” who can’t stop talking. We love this one!

Alphabet Books for Toddlers, Creature ABC

Creature ABC, by Andrew Zuckerman: This gorgeous book pairs each letter of the alphabet with a wild animal beginning with that letter. It provides real photographs of the animals, each set against a white backdrop. Elegant, fascinating, and a great, close up perspective of the animal kingdom, this one is sure to enthrall any and every child, especially little animal lovers! We also love that each letter of the alphabet is written in both uppercase and lowercase letters in bold, black font.

Alphabet Books for Toddlers, Arf Buzz Cluck

Arf Buzz Cluck: A Rather Noisy Alphabet, by Eric Seltzer and illustrated by David Creighton-Pester: This alphabet book for toddlers is such a delight and so much fun! Little ones will love learning the ABC’s with this clever book that uses animal sounds to emphasize each letter. It rhymes, it’s bright and it’s catchy — and it will have your kids Mooing, Neighing, Oinking and Peeping along!

Alphabet Books for Toddlers - Great Books for Bigger Kids!

Alphabet Books for Toddlers, Big Words for Little Geniuses

Big Words for Little Geniuses by Susan and James Patterson and illustrated by Hsinping Pan: This book is so much fun and will have your children feeling like true geniuses as they master these challenging words! Each sophisticated word is paired with an easy to understand definition and great illustration that bring the words to life. Our personal favorite? Bibliomania, of course. Because who doesn’t love collecting as many books as they can?

Alphabet Books for Toddlers, P is for Pterodactyl

P is for Pterodactyl: The Worst Alphabet Book Ever, by Raj Haldar and Chris Carpenter and illustrated by Maria Beddia: Oh my gosh. English is a tough language to learn, and this hilarious book highlights just how crazy it is. Why does “gnat” start with a G, but “knot” starts with a K? Why on earth do “photo,” “phlegm” and “phone” NOT START WITH Fs? This book will have you all laughing, and it’s so great to read with older children who have mastered the alphabet and reading.

Alphabet Books for toddlers, Z is for Moose

Z is for Moose, by Kelly Bingham and illustrated by Paul Zelinsky: Zebra wants to put on a simple alphabet show. But Moose can’t wait his turn. A is for Apple, B is for ball… when is it time for M? And when it is time for the big M, will Moose get upstaged by a mouse?! This book is creative, innovative, and a fun story of friendship and compromise. We absolutely love it!

Alphabet Activities for Kids

One of my very favorite bloggers is Beth over at Days with Grey, as her website and activities rock! If you want to engage your kids in some super fun, low pressure activities, I highly recommend these three. They are easy to set up, engaging, and big hits in our house! Make sure to check out all of Beth’s Breakfast Invitations for no-fuss morning entertainment. They have changed our morning routines tremendously!

Alphabet books for toddlers!

Splash the Alphabet! Get your kiddos outside this summer, give them a squirt bottle, and watch the magic happen. This one is a total winner!

Alphabet books for toddlers!

Ice Match Fun Alphabet Game! What child doesn’t love playing with ice? And when you can play with ice and learn the alphabet, you’ve got an immersive, sensory experience that your little one won’t soon forget. We love this!

alphabet books for toddlers

Magnetic Prewriting: Write with Magnets! Teach your kids their letters, and fine tune their fine motor skills, with this awesome magnetic activity that will have little transportation lovers racing their vehicles over all sorts of roads — made into the shape of letters, of course!


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