Kids Books About Kindness: Kind Words and Kind Hearts with BE KIND

If you love kids books about kindness and you are working hard to teach your child about always using kind words and having kind hearts, then you’ve got to check out this amazing book!

Kids Books About Kindness: Using Kind Words with BE KIND

Kids Books About Kindness: The Importance of Using Kind Words and having Kind Hearts!

Did you know that today is World Kindness Day? Can you think of any more perfect way to spend a day then by doing generous acts of kindness for your friends— and even strangers? To celebrate World Kindness Day, I’m highlighting one of my favorite picture books from 2018, Be Kind, by Pat Zietlow Miller and illustrated by Jen Hill. This wonderful, heart-warming story is part of our #booksforbetter giveaway and I would love nothing more than to gift this book to every child, parent and classroom around the world. Why? Because I truly believe its pages possess tremendous power for the way it teaches kindness and the importance of using kind words and having kind hands and hearts.

Why is Be Kind one of our most cherished kids books about kindness?

Be Kind explores the concept of kindness after one little girl spills grape juice all over her brand new dress. Seeing her despair, one of the girl’s classmates wonders what it means to be kind- even when others aren’t. She thinks about what it means to give, to help and even to simply pay attention. Be Kind explores acts of kindness big and small, from the easiest tasks to the more challenging ones, and it so beautifully imparts that even the smallest, youngest child has the power to make an impactful difference simply by making kind choices.

We absolutely adore Be Kind. We love its beautiful, diverse illustrations and its emphasis on using kind words and having kind hands and hearts. We love its clear, powerful message, and we love the way it empowers children and helps them recognize that even the smallest act of kindness can grow into something so much bigger. In our home, we have a mantra that we repeat every day when my boys get out of the car at school drop off: “kind hands, kind words, kind hearts.” This book gave life to our mantra in the most tangible, meaningful way, and I cant express how grateful I am to Zietlow Miller, Hill and all the others who made this beautiful story and got it into our hands. We can all read Be Kind in our homes and classrooms and make it a global mission to model kind hands, kind words, and kind hearts for our children. Let’s help all children see, with unwavering certainty, that being kind is being cool. TWO TRUNKS UP!

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