Best Board Books: Gossie, a primer on sharing!

Gossie is one of the very best board books, and it was a family favorite for years. There’s no doubt about it, this is one of the best books for one year old and best books for two year old kids! Check it out!

Gossie, one of the Best Board Books and Best Books for One Year Old

Oh, Gossie!! This is one of the best board books for the younger set, and it has been treasured in our house by both Pickle and Bo. Gossie is one of many books in this sweet series by Olivier Dunrea, and your little ones will love them. Gossie, in particular, has a lovely rhythm and cadence, and though it is simple, it has enough of a story that it can keep preschoolers engaged as well.

Gossie is a little gosling who loves her bright red boots- she wears them all the time, even when she sleeps! One morning, however, Gossie's boots go missing, and what follows is a sweet story about things lost and found-- and the beauty of a blossoming friendship.

Gossie and the other stories in this series are small, square board books with child-sized characters and pictures - just right for tiny hands and growing minds. The short sentences are repetitive and contain a bit of rhyme, and they introduce kids to some great concepts including verbs, opposites and even the weather. The humor is gentle, the characters are relatable, and the art is rendered in bright primary colors perfect for little ones. What I love the most about this story is that when Gossie suddenly finds her boots, what could result in a clash between two goslings ends instead in a beautiful, uncomplicated friendship, teaching even the littlest readers how sweet it is to share. Gossie is a perfect gift for new babies and a terrific one for your child's first library! It is one of the best board books, a treasure in our house, and we have no hesitation in saying that this is one of the best books for a one year old or two year old child!

Want the book? Get it here! Gossie, by Olivier Dunrea.  *This is an affiliate link.


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