Make Storytime Magical & Meaningful With The Best Kids Books!

Inside: Popular kids books should make storytime not just magical, but meaningful, too. Happily Ever Elephants has curated lists of some of the most popular kids books on the market right now, and we can’t wait for you to check them out. Come have a look!

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Storytime with children is always magical, but with the right books, it can be meaningful too.

Welcome to Happily Ever Elephants, our cozy corner of the Internet where reading gets two trunks up! When my boys were born, I felt a compelling desire to share the world with them through books. I felt, and still feel, that there is no better way to instill significant values in them — values such as kindness, compassion, generosity, respect and empathy — than by reading with intention.

By selecting stories that were both magical and meaningful, I was confident I could make this happen.

It is no secret that my favorite part of the day is bedtime - I love nothing more than snuggling up with my boys and reading wondrous stories together. And we read them all — from the best books for toddlers to books for beginning readers, to easy chapter books. Watching their eyes light up as they fall in love with new books is priceless, and we have created so many memories as a direct result of the stories we have read together.

Whether it’s important conversations sparked by a book’s plot or characters, or belly laughs that have us clutching our stomachs as tears flow down our checks with reckless abandon, storytime in our house has become the most valuable part of our day. And aside from the fact that we love it, reading together also helps create lasting connections, intimacy between parent and child, and positive associations with books. But reading also impacts your child’s brain in the most phenomenal ways. The benefits of reading with your children from the time they are just infants include:

  • development of language skills and language processing,

  • exposure to nearly 78,000 words annually if read to every day, which boosts vocabulary and gives kids a huge advantage before beginning school,

  • stimulation to the part of the brain that helps with imagery and comprehension, as well as visual stimulation by presenting little ones with images and colors,

  • introduction to sounds and emotion, as well as the idea that particular words have meaning and connotation,

  • preparation for reading independently by learning the rhythm, tone and inflection in your voice, and

  • continuous exposure to your voice, which is both soothing and stress relieving.

With the best kids books, you can create two trunks up moments in your home, too!

Standing among thousands of children’s stories in the library or at the bookstore can be totally overwhelming! But don’t worry! We’ve done the hard work for you, and our lists and reviews will help you find the most popular kids books — ones we believe are both magical and meaningful — with ease.

From self esteem books for kids to picture books about unicorns to growth mindset books to stories about space, our lists make finding your child’s next favorite book simple. So check out our guides below, and if you don’t see what you are looking for, feel free to email us for help!

Best Kids Books!

The Very Best Kids Books That Will Get Two Trunks Up!

Best kids books!

Friendship Books!

We love stories about friendship — books that celebrate the joy, drama and love between pals! Here are some of our very favorite friendship books!

best kids books!

Books About Kindness

Kids books about kindness are some of the best tools to cultivate compassion in kids. Here are fifty of our very favorites, by a diverse selection of authors and illustrators. Enjoy!

Best Kids Books!

Books for Boys!

Just as books depicting strong women are tremendously important for young girls to read so they can identify with young ladies and dream big dreams, our boys need books like this too. Our boys need books with male characters and role models who exemplify sensitivity, compassion and generosity in addition to the typical display of brawn. We’ve got just the list for you!

Best Kids Books!

Books About Strong Girls

If you are looking for books about strong girls to share with your daughters (and your sons!), you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find a huge list of some of our very favorite children’s books about mighty girls, including amazing picture book biographies and anthologies about the strongest, smartest, coolest ladies — both from world history and today!

Best Kids Books

Growth Mindset Books for Kids

Some kids are so scared to fail that it becomes paralyzing and destroys confidence. That’s where growth mindset to come in. If we can change our kids’ thinking from “I can’t do it” to “I can’t do it YET,” we’ll come a long way towards boosting confidence in our children. Check out this fabulous list of picture books!

Best Kids Books

Bedtime Books

Conquer the bedtime blues with the BEST children’s bedtime story books! From funny bedtime stories to happy ones, from books to help kids overcome fears of the dark to dealing with the things that go bump in the night, we’ve got you covered!

Best Kids Books

Books About Unicorns

If you have a unicorn obsessed little one at home, you’ll get major props from your kiddos if you pull these awesome stories off your shelf. So what are you waiting for? Check out these magical unicorn books today!

Best Kids Books

Our Favorite Sports Books

If your child is dreaming of being the next Lebron James, Serena Williams, or Jackie Robinson, this is the list for you! From picture book biographies to awesome guides to popular sports, this is the list for you!

Best Kids Books

Children’s Books About Space

Children’s books about space, both fiction and nonfiction, capture the imagination and intrigue of every child. And guess what? We’ve got the ultimate list for you here. Come check out these books - we promise they are out of this world!

Best Kids Books

Multicultural Children’s Books

Celebrate the world inside your home with these stunning multicultural children’s picture books, 50+ titles to nurture empathy, build bridges and challenge harmful stereotypes.

Best Kids Books

Self Esteem Books for Kids

Are you looking for phenomenal self esteem books for kids to add to your collection at home or at school? Then this list of self confidence books, stories about self love and all the reasons to rock what we’ve got is the list for you!

Looking for more of the best kids books? We’ve got you covered! Check out our FULL index of children’s book lists!

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