Self Esteem Books for Kids: OLD HAT and Loving Our Odd Traits!!

This is a fabulous self esteem book for kids who may be embarrassed by some of their rather unique characteristics, especially for your younger children. Check it out!

Self esteem books for kids, Old Hat by Emily Gravett, an awesome self confidence book for your little kids

Fads. Like it or not, fads come and go like like the rising tide, presenting a challenge our kids will forever struggle with. Staying on top of the trends, having the right clothes, gadgets, accessories and bags, is a major concern when children are little. How do we celebrate uniqueness? How can we teach our kids that it’s not things that matter, but embracing our own individuality? And how do we teach them to love their characteristics that may be a little more —err— unusual? Read incredible self esteem books for kids, of course!

Enter Old Hat, by Emily Gravett, a favorite author illustrator here at Happily Ever Elephants (one of our absolute favorite books for toddlers is her fabulous Monkey and Me - check out our review for that book, here!) In Old Hat, Harbet loves his old knit hat, but its not nearly as cool as the latest fashions that the other animals are wearing. So he keeps trying to get the newest, trendiest hats... but every time he gets the hat all the other animals were wearing, a newer, cooler head piece arrives on the scene. Whatever will he do?

Old Hat is an excellent choice if you are looking for a story to remind your little ones how awesome it is to be unique. It is an awesome self esteem book for kids in that it imparts how much beauty can be found in individuality and so much joy to be had when we learn to value the characteristics that make us special (even those characteristics we seek to hide!), as well as our own sense of what it means to be "cool." Gravett's books are the best- great cadence, fabulous illustrations, and so much fun. Old Hat is yet another winner.


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Want the book? Get it here! Old Hat, by Emily Gravett.  *This is an affiliate link.  HEE received an advanced review copy of this book, but all opinions expressed herein are entirely our own.