If I Was The Sunshine, by Julie Fogliano & Loren Long

Inside: If I was the Sunshine, by Julie Fogliano and illustrated by Loren Long, is a stunning new book that highlights the nature of connection and relationships in the most unique ways. We are absolutely in love with this beauty. Come check it out!

If I was the Sunshine, by Julie Fogliano and Loren Long

What do you get when you combine one of my favorite authors with one of my favorite illustrators? A lyrical new beauty, one that delights both eyes and ears with every read. If you love books about love and connection- subtle books that make you think and don’t hit you over the head with their message — you and your kids will be as enamored with If I Was The Sunshine as we are.

In If I Was The Sunshine, Fogliano pairs thought-provoking prose with Long’s gorgeous acrylic paintings to explore relationships found in life and nature. Though her pairings are unexpected, with some being abstract and whimsical and others being delightfully surprising (“if i was an apple/and you were a worm/you'd call me lunch/and i'd call you squirm”) her words exude connection on each page. The creative wordplay and illustrations that dance off the pages make this a standout for us, one that will have you and your children coming up with fun and unique relationships of your own.

If I was the Sunshine, by Julie Fogliano and Loren Long

If I Was The Sunshine is such a powerful ode to relationships, yet it never once mentions the words love, connection, bond, or anything of the sort. You’d be hard pressed to even find any common connections in these pages. Instead, Fogliano’s prose makes you think, delight and relish in its whimsy and ingenuity. 

If I was the Sunshine, by Julie Fogliano and Loren Long

Kids and adults alike will marvel at the everyday occurrences and objects that Fogliano beautifully connects through breath, song and scent. And when you add her stunning prose to Long’s exquisite illustrations, magic ensues. The words and images perfectly complement each other and delight all the senses, inviting parents and children to talk about connection- both the obvious ones, and the ones we have to ponder a little longer. Absolutely in love with If I Was the Sunshine, and it gets two trunks way up from HEE Headquarters!

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