Philip Stead Books: MUSIC FOR MISTER MOON, a New Stunner!

Do you love Philip Stead as much as we do? If you adore A SICK DAY FOR AMOS MCGEE, A HOME FOR BIRD, and SAMSON IN THE SNOW, you absolutely must check out MUSIC FOR MISTER MOON, his latest and greatest!

Philip Stead, Music for Mister Moon

Philip Stead Can Do No Wrong!

Philip Stead is one of those remarkable authors who continually strikes gold with his quiet, resonant books that children love and parents adore. A SICK DAY FOR AMOS MCGEE, A HOME FOR BIRD and SAMSON IN THE SNOW are some of the most beloved stories on our bookshelves for the way they so gently touch upon compassion, empathy and friendship. Philip Stead’s latest story, MUSIC FOR MISTER MOON, is another winner, speaking so perfectly to the shy, dreamy child who needs to imagine her perfect world to help her build her inner courage. And this one, like A SICK DAY FOR AMOS MCGEE, is Illustrated by Philip’s wife, Caldecott Award winning Erin Stead. Can’t ask for a better team to collaborate on a picture book!

MUSIC FOR MISTER MOON is the story of Harriet, a young girl who simply wants to play her cello in her room … alone. Yet a noisy owl keeps disrupting her, and in her frustration, Harriet throws a teacup out the window and right up to the sky where — gasp!— it knocks down the moon. The two become fast friends and spend a lovely evening together, one in which Harriet makes amends for her inconsiderate action. But will Harriet find the courage to play her cello for Mister Moon?

Philip Stead, Music for Mister Moon

Another Beauty from Philip Stead!

MUSIC FOR MISTER MOON is another beauty — but would you really expect anything different from the dynamic Stead duo? This whimsical, dreamy, imaginative story, with its muted color palette and lyrical prose, has so many themes I absolutely love. First, it shows young readers in such an accessible manner how you can make amends for an inconsiderate act. Even better? I love the way it shows how kind, compassionate moments help build trust between new friends, allowing both to thrive. Here, the trust Harriet develops with Mister Moon allows her to reach inside herself to muster the courage she needs to finally play her musical instrument before an audience. And last? I absolutely love how, with her imagination, Harriet creates herself a world where she feels safe: safe to dream, safe to imagine, and safe in her heart.

MUSIC FOR MISTER MOON is extraordinary, and we are thrilled to give two trunks up to this new treasure!


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