New Favorite Children's Book: The Neighbors!

We have a new favorite children’s book! The Neighbors is one of the most fun and unique picture books we have read in a while. Read on to find out why!

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This book, you guys! Oh my goodness, I love it so much! I love stories that delight, of course — stories that are fun and quirky and clever. But when a book includes all of those components and also manages to pull off an awesome surprise ending, ohhhh man. It’s a winner in my book, and I just want to give it to every kid I know. The Neighbors, by Einat Tsarfati, is one of those books for me, and we haven’t stopped reading it in our house. What fun this is!

The Neighbors is a book that inspires the imagination in such a fun and unique manner. In The Neighbors, a girl climbs the stairs to her seventh story home, and with each apartment she passes along the way, she imagines what is going on behind the closed door. Thieves? Tigers? Circus performers? Her own apartment is just sooo boring - unless boredom is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes, when we see certain things so frequently, it becomes challenging to remember that there may be magic— oh, so much magic! -- hiding just below the surface. Or perhaps some things are actually truly hidden from us, secrets kept until we are just a tiny bit older? Whatever you think, however you feel, The Neighbors has one ending you won’t see coming!

I can’t tell you too much more because I don’t want to spoil the surprise (it’s one heck of a reveal!), but there is just so much to love about The Neighbors. The illustrations are quirky and imaginative, with an endless amount of detail to pore over on each page. The text is simple, yet it is a gateway to the most unique and zany scenarios. The vibrant colors exude an aura of excitement with each page turn. And then the end- it’s just perfect. The Neighbors is surprising, satisfying, and one that will make young readers immediately turn back to the first page to find clues that may have given them hints about the ending all along.  Two trunks up for this gem!!

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