STARDUST: A Children's Book About Sibling Rivalry You Need Now!

If you need a great children’s book about sibling rivalry to read to one of your kids who may be feeling a bit envious of her sister or brother, you need to check out STARDUST, stat!

Children's Books About Sibling Rivalry, Stardust

STARDUST is a children’s book about sibling rivalry that is just what you need on your child’s bookshelf!

Sibling rivalry is no joke.

It can make the most confident child feel like the sun will never shine in her direction.

I have an older sister, and she rocks. She was a dancer and an actress. She had a boyfriend in highschool. She was cool.

All I had was frizzy hair, twiggy legs, and a mouthful of braces that repelled cute boys. My sister was a star… and I, I guess, was starstruck. And I always felt like I was waiting for my turn to shine.

Oh, how I would have loved STARDUST when I was a young girl!

STARDUST, written by Jeanne Willis and illustrated by Briony May Smith, is the story of one little girl who has big dreams of being a star — but she constantly feels overshadowed by her big sister, who she thinks always shines brighter. But one day Grandpa helps the child understand that everyone is made of stardust, and we all shine in our own ways.

Children's Books About Sibling Rivalry, Stardust

Sweet, simple and perfect for young readers, STARDUST helps kids see that we all have brilliant light within us, and we just might not shine in the same ways as others. It’s so challenging for a child to watch a sibling get praise or accolades when they so desperately want it too — and sometimes, it seems they are always being overshadowed by brothers and sisters. STARDUST, with its warm, almost cozy illustrations, gently reminds young readers that each of us is special, and each of us shines brightly, even if sometimes we fail to see our own sparkle.

Want the book? Get it here! STARDUST, by Jeanne Willis and illustrated by Briony May Smith. HEE received an advanced copy of this book, but all opinions expressed herein are expressly our own.