3 Fabulous Picture Books For Expectant Parents!

Inside: If you or a friend have a baby on the way, you must check out these fabulous new books for expectant parents! We are in love!

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Books for Expectant Parents

Three Fabulous Picture Books for Expectant Parents!

It’s no secret that i love to read. When I was pregnant, I couldn’t wait for the beginning of each new week on my journey so I could devour a new section in Your Pregnancy Week by Week, each new month so I could read What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

When I registered, all I wanted was to start an amazing collection of books for my little one and find the absolute best books for babies and toddlers. By the time Pickle arrived, his room could have been a small public library.

There is something so special about reading tender, beautiful books during this miraculous time, something so intimate about reading tender, beautiful books with a newborn baby.

I have recently come across a stunning new trio of reads that make the perfect baby shower gift for expecting parents. A book for pregnancy, a book for those first days at home with an infant, and a book to read as your baby grows. What’s better than that?

Check out these fabulous books for expectant parents below!

Nine Months: Before a Baby is Born, by Miranda Paul and illustrated by Jason Chin

Books for Expectant Parents, Nine Months

Nine Months: Before a Baby is Born, by Miranda Paul and illustrated by Jason Chin: Whether you have a child at home already or you are expecting your first baby, this gorgeous book blew me away. It is a lyrical, beautiful story of a family of three waiting for a baby girl, with the left side of the spread detailing how the baby is growing, and the right side showing the family preparing for the baby.

The illustrations in Nine Months are at once detailed and precise, but they also loom large with warmth and love. The seasons change as the fetus grows, and as the baby gets bigger, the left panels begin to push onto the right ones, beautifully building the quiet anticipation as the three await their new bundle of joy.

If you don’t already have a child at home? It’s still perfect. Why? Because kids are so fascinated by babies and how they grow in Mommy’s belly, that your impending little one will love reading this with you as he or she grows. Even better? The detailed back matter is fabulously kid friendly, helping you explain to your child what happens during the nine months of pregnancy. This brilliant book is as exquisite as it is informative, and we simply adore it! To purchase Nine Months, click here!

Babymoon, by Hayley Barrett and illustrated by Juana Martinez Neal

Books for Expectant Parents, Babymoon

Babymoon, by Hayley Barrett and illustrated by Juana Martinez-Neal: Just one glance at the cover of Babymoon and I was totally hooked. This dreamy story describes the first few days after baby’s birth as mom, dad and their newborn settle in as a threesome at home, shutting out the world as they get to know each other. These pages exude tenderness; their love and warmth perfectly convey the emotion of bringing home a new child.

Babymoon’s gorgeous illustrations highlight a mother nursing, the baby yawning, and the family snuggling together - yet they also show the baby crying and bewildered parents trying to comfort their new infant however they can. The prose is spare but rhythmic, the pages soothe, and each spread feels more emotional and heartfelt than the last. Babymoon is a total gem, one that is so perfect to read with an infant who gazes up at you with innocent eyes as she takes in her new surroundings — and her loving parents. To purchase Babymoon, click here!

You Are New, by Lucy Knisley

Books for Expectant Parents, You are New

You are New, by Lucy Knisley: This one is so much fun to read aloud, it’s a book I wish I had it when my boys were little! What can you do when you are new? “You can look and see and peer. You can touch and taste and hear.” And so it goes with this pitch perfect book that delights and surprises and captures all of the joy and wonder of being a growing baby!

You are New describes that pure exuberance of being small. From playing to napping, from reaching to falling, the experience is universal, and the innocence is irrepressible. The illustrations showcase Knisley’s uniqueness and energy, resulting in a book that highlights the fun, wariness and excitement that come with being new.

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3 brilliant books for expectant parents