DEAR GIRL, the Perfect Book About Strong Girls!

Looking for books about strong girls to share with a special girl in your life? DEAR GIRL, is an absolute gem and one of my favorite birthday gifts for my kids’ friends and moms with brand new daughters.

Books About Strong Girls, Dear Girl

DEAR GIRL is one of our favorite books about strong girls. It’s a MUST HAVE for your daughters!

Our recent post about DEAR BOY, one of my new favorite books for little boys, went bonkers.

So many of you have asked for our thoughts on DEAR GIRL, the original book in this dynamic duo, after you read my recent post on DEAR BOY,. Since it had only been featured on my Instagram page and not on the blog, I knew immediately that DEAR GIRL, needed a permanent place here on Happily Ever Elephants.

Like its companion DEAR BOY, DEAR GIRL, written by the late Amy Krouse Rosenthal her daughter, Paris, and illustrated by Holly Hatam, is a love letter to every little girl, a special ode reminding them that they are smart, beautiful, and oh-so-loved just the way they are. It’s one of those books that simply and perfectly reminds girls that it’s ok to raise their hands, to ask questions, and to color outside the lines — because going against the grain is an absolute must sometimes.

Books About strong girls, dear girl!

DEAR GIRL, conveys to girls that each and every one of us has a uniquely valuable place in the world. It is a gentle reminder that we all have important voices, intelligence is powerful, imagination is everything, and beauty comes from within.

Simply put, it is an empowering read — both for the child who is struggling and keeps tripping over road bumps, and for the one who knows her worth, but sometimes needs a gentle reminder whispered in her ear.

DEAR GIRL, is a book about strong girls that us moms need to read, too!

I read DEAR GIRL, after a chaotic few years in my life, having just turned a new — and incredibly daunting - chapter.

It was a time that I worried I would never again regain my sense of wonder, never again feel the ground beneath my feet. But there’s this spread in DEAR GIRL, one that seemed to speak directly to me… and it was both moving and transcendent.

Books about strong girls, Dear Girl!

DEAR GIRL, reminded me I wasn’t alone. It inspired me to keep moving forward, to believe in myself, and to remember that I would slowly and surely regain my footing.

I thought about DEAR GIRL, for weeks, of all the magic it holds within its pages, and it kept making me smile. So what did I do? I went back and read it again… and again and again.

And then I thought, this is precisely why picture books are not just for young children, but for big kids and even adults, too.


Because they resonate. Deeply. And this one made me feel brave, confident and inspired when it came to me, just when I needed a boost.

DEAR GIRL, is undoubtedly the perfect book to gift any child when they need a gentle reminder to celebrate their uniqueness, the beauty they possess inside, and the bravery they can tap within. It is a salve for bruised emotions.

If you’re looking for a picture book for a special little girl that is just pure love and totally empowering, you NEED this one on your shelf.

DEAR GIRL, is the perfect story for girls young and old who need to remember that so much joy can be found when we take some time to sit back, throw our feet up, and honor ourselves, just the way we are. Is there anything better than that? A total treasure- but would you expect anything less from the great AKR? Two huge trunks up for both DEAR GIRL, and its companion, DEAR BOY,.