CREATURE ABC, the Perfect Book To Teach Toddlers the Alphabet!

If you love alphabet books, CREATURE ABC is one of our favorites for toddlers, and it’s definitely worth tracking down from your bookseller or the library!

Alphabet Books for Toddlers

CREATURE ABC is the Perfect Book to Teach Little Animal Lovers The Alphabet!

CREATURE ABC is an alphabet book pairing each letter of the alphabet with a wild animal beginning with that letter. It provides real photographs of the animals, each set against a white backdrop. CREATURE ABC is elegant, fascinating, and provides such a great, close up perspective of the animal kingdom sure to enthrall any and every child. We also love that each letter of the alphabet is written in both uppercase and lowercase letters in bold, black font. If you have animal lovers at home, this is a perfect book to share with them to help them learn their ABCs!

And now, without further ado, we are thrilled to have Sami, of Literacy for Littles, here today! Sami is a mom, a certified reading specialist, and a child development expert, and we absolutely love her site and her awesome Instagram account. Sami is here to share some helpful tips about how you can read and enjoy CREATURE ABC at home with your little ones!

Tips for Reading CREATURE ABC With Your Toddlers

There are so many ways to enjoy CREATURE ABC by Andrew Zuckerman, especially with rowdy toddlers and preschoolers.

  • This book is full of insanely interesting photographs, sure to even captivate adults. Point out the neat details on each animal, such as the big toenails, hairy face, and tiny eye on the elephant’s large head. You could even compare these photographs to other illustrations in books or toys and ask your child which one is more realistic.

  • Some photographs only show part of the animal, until you turn the page. Encourage your child to guess the animal that will appear on the following spread.

  • Ask your child a very obvious question that they can confidently answer. For example, on the page with a bear, you can ask: “is that a bunny?” This makes them feel smart and confident, and it is sure to elicit giggles!

creature abc 2.jpg
  • Make connections between the book and real life. This helps the book come alive, while simultaneously developing language, and cultivating a family culture around reading. For example, you may say, “that ant looks just like the ant we saw at the park!” 

  •  Ask an open-ended question (and remember there are no wrong answers!) “Which animal would you be most afraid of?” or “Why do you think the lion is growling?”

  •  Add sound effects! Whoo like an owl, ribbit like a frog. Kids love this!

  • Enjoyment of reading is always our primary goal. Remember, you do not have to read every page! Allow your child to skip around, turn the pages, focus on one particular animal, and take the lead.

creature abc3.jpg
  • You can read CREATURE ABC in  many different ways:

    • read the animal name like a snail and have your child guess the animal (jjjjaaaccckkkrrraaabbbiiittt = jackrabbit) 

    • say the animal’s name and exaggerate the beginning sound so your child can guess the correct sound.

    • say only the letter sounds or only the letter names.

    • say both the letter name and letter sounds.

    • you say the letter name and your child makes the letter sound (vice versa)

  • Play a game of Guess Who! “I am thinking of an animal that has bumpy yellow skin, jumps, and ribbits."

  • When you are done reading, tell your child “I really enjoyed reading with you!”

Happy reading and learning!!