Fox the Tiger - One of the BEST Books for Beginning Readers!

Are you looking for the best books for beginning readers? Fox the Tiger is a pre reader book you MUST add to your child’s bookshelf!

Fox the Tiger, best books for beginning readers

What makes Fox the Tiger one of the best books for beginning readers? Check it out!

The best books for beginning readers get their status for a reason. Why? Because good pre reader books are few and far between. Early readers have to possess some important characteristics. For starters, they must be short, the text must be large, and sentence structure should be simple. But they also have to be easy for kids to read and decode. This means they should contain sight words and word families, too. It is no easy feat for a book to do all of these things, while at the same time being fun, engaging and delightful for kids to read.

Enter Fox the Tiger, by Corey R. Tabor. In this fabulous new book, which won the 2019 Geisel Award for most distinguished book for beginning readers, Fox desperately wishes he was a tiger. Why? Tigers are sneaky! Fast! Big! This leaves Fox with an important mission- he will turn himself into a tiger by painting himself some stripes! Soon other animals join in the fun— but when it comes right down to it, Fox quickly discovers one very important lesson- the best thing to be? Himself.

Fox the Tiger had Pickle laughing, curious, asking questions, and totally engaged from start to finish. The text was awesome - it was the perfect combo of being easy enough that he was able to read confidently, but challenging enough that he used his newly acquired skills to decode the words he didn’t know. The best part? He understood the overarching message that self love is the very best love to have. Hands down the best early reader we have read in quite some time!

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