Best Board Books: The Watermelon Seed, the Gift that Keeps on Giving!

This is one of the very best board books right here. We are in love, and The Watermelon Seed has been on heavy rotation in our house for years! Check it out and see why we think its a best book for one year old and best book for two year old kids!

Best Board Books, The Watermelon Seed! One of the best books for one year old and best books for two year old kid.

Why do we think The Watermelon Seed is one of the best board books?

I credit Greg Pizzoli's delightful book, The Watermelon Seed, for teaching my children to love this juicy summer fruit. And for causing them to erupt into the most delightful giggle fits ever. Its silly, it's fun, and it's one of my all time favorite readalouds, making this one of the best board books ever. It was also one of the very first books I chose to read aloud to my students when I started my new job. Simply put- this Geisel award winning story is fabulous.

In The Watermelon Seed, a baby crocodile tells it how it is- he LOVES watermelon! He could eat it for every meal - lunch, dinner, and dessert - and even for all of his snacks. It's so good, he can't get enough of it. Until.....  until he swallows a seed. And then he fears he will begin to grow watermelon vines in his tummy and vows never to eat watermelon again. Will he or won't he? And what will happen to that pesky seed in his stomach?

This book. We love it so much and it's Bo's new favorite- he drags it around the house and says "chomp chomp chomp" and will climb into my lap and sit there until we read it together. The bright, pink and green illustrations are eye catching, the language is simple and the story is playful- giving weight to childhood fears but then exaggerating them until even kids can find the humor in their anxieties. Most importantly- the pacing is sheer perfection, making The Watermelon Seed one of Happily Ever Elephants' very best board books to read aloud to young toddlers. It just can't be beat, and it never fails to immediately win over and captivate its audience. Two enthusiastic trunks up (covered in watermelon juice, of course!) This is one of the very best books for one year old and best books for two year old kids, and if you have a little one in your house this age, this book is an absolute must!


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Want the book? Get it here! The Watermelon Seed, by Greg Pizzoli.  *This is an affiliate link.