Teaching Good Digital Citizenship with Nerdy Birdy Tweets

Ready to teach your kids about their digital rights and responsibilities? Nerdy Birdy Tweets is a fabulous book to teach them what it means to have good digital citizenship. Check it out!

Digital Rights and Responsibilities: Teaching Good Digital Citizenship with Nerdy Birdy Tweets

If you refrain from making a nasty comment to a classmate, is it ok to post that comment online instead? This is one of the awesome questions sparked by Nerdy Birdy Tweets, the newest Nerdy Birdy book written by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by Matt Davies which is a fabulous pick when discussing what it means to have good digital citizenship.  In our Library Media Center, and especially with our amazing technology teacher, we talk a lot about "netiquette." Teaching kids about their digital rights and responsibilities includes helping them learn to be safe online and how to be a smart digital citizen.  Reynolds and Davies have given us the perfect book about what it means to be a responsible internet user.  I fell in love with this story instantly and believe it should be required reading for students of all ages -- especially those in upper elementary school who are just beginning to navigate the online world. 

In Nerdy Birdy Tweets, Nerdy Birdy and Vulture are best friends.  But when Nerdy Birdy gets swept up into his new Tweetster "friends" online, he sometimes (if not always) forgets about the real friend he has sitting right beside him.  What happens when Nerdy Birdy publishes a post about Vulture-- something he thinks is funny, but Vulture thinks is mean? Read it to your kids and students, and you will be amazed at the thoughtful discussion.

Students today (and lets be honest -- adults, too!) are obsessed with their electronic gadgets.  Whether they are playing games on the Internet, collecting "friends" on social media, or obsessively refreshing the latest tweets and posts on various platforms, face to face communication is often left by the wayside.  Even worse - children often say or do things online that they wouldn't do in person because they can hide behind their screens.  USE THIS BOOK as a springboard to discuss the various reasons why we all need to put down our phones and engage in actual communication with friends and family.  More importantly, USE THIS BOOK to discuss how the things we post online will never go away -- and can destroy feelings, relationships and even lives, forever. Teaching children their digital rights and responsibilities has become more important than ever, and this is our very favorite children’s book to help kids understand the concept of good digital citizenship.


Want the book? Get it here! Nerdy Birdy Tweets, by Aaron Reynolds.  *This is an affiliate link.  HEE received an advanced review copy of this book from the publisher, however, all opinions expressed herein are entirely our own.