Best Board Books: Learn Numbers with Counting Kisses!

For the sole reason that Counting Kisses elicited so many giggles from my boys, this will forever rank is one of the best board books in our house. We have no doubt your kids will love it too, and its a great concept book to add to your collection!

Best Board books and concept books, Counting Kisses

A Concept Book that is Also One of the Very Best Board Books? Yes, Please!

I'm not ashamed to admit it. I'm ruthless when it comes to kisses, smothering my boys' tummies, cheeks and toes with love any chance I can get. There is nothing better than this- especially when my attempts at stealing smooches cause my boys to erupt with laughter. That's probably why we love Counting Kisses, by Karen Katz, so much. It is the perfect bedtime read for the younger set, and it's the best board book to pull off the shelf when you want to give your kids a million goodnight kisses.

In this story, a tired little baby is getting ready for bed. What follows is a countdown of kisses given to the baby by all members of her family, starting on the babies' tiny toes, then going up to her belly button and on to the top of her head... Until, of course, the baby falls sound asleep.

There is lots to love about Counting Kisses, especially the fact that it allows for loads of snuggles before bed. The illustrations are bright and tender, making this a joyful read to send any baby off to dreamland. Aside from the fact that it will undoubtedly make your little ones giggle before bedtime as you cover their tiny bodies in kisses, it doubles as a terrific concept book. This sweet story teaches infants and toddlers to identify their body parts, while at the same time providing numerous opportunities to practice numbers and counting. It's a win win, for all! This is one of the best board books on our shelf!

Want the book? Get it here! Counting Kisses, by Karen Katz.


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