Best Books for Beginning Readers: Elephant and Piggie

When it comes to the best books for beginning readers, Elephant and Piggie can do no wrong. The Thank You Book is one of the last installments in the series and also one of my very favorite. Check it out!

best books for beginning readers elephant and piggie

As we gather with loved ones and reflect during this Thanksgiving week, it seems rather appropriate to highlight one of my favorite books of the year- Mo Willems' perfectly executed The Thank You Book -- the last book in his outstanding Elephant and Piggie series. Oh how I love this one- it's sweetness, it's humor, but most importantly, it's heartfelt message of gratitude. The Elephant and Piggie series will forever rank at the top of our best books for beginning readers!

In The Thank You Book, Piggie wants to reflect on her good fortune and thank everyone who is important to her. She thus decides to go on a "thank-o-Rama," and poor Gerald is terrified she will forget to thank someone near and dear to her. Though she does only remember to thank Gerald near the very end of the book, there is one group of people Piggie totally forgets-- us! Her readers!

Willems couldn't have come up with a better way to end his beloved series- a series that instilled confidence in so many children as they began to read their first words. Though it seems we should be the ones thanking Willems for his magical words and his characters, at the end of The Thank You Book Willems brings us right back to that masterful duality of his stories with an emphatic nod to us- a thank you to the reader, reminding us that the child holding the book has always played just as important a part in the story as Elephant and Piggie themselves. A perfect ending to the most delightful of series! Thank you, Mo, for these masterpieces that fill our children’s imaginations with love, light and laughter.

And in true Thanksgiving fashion, thank you to each and everyone of our followers. We are so grateful to all of you for coming with us on this journey, and we wish each of you a wonderful Thanksgiving and a year full of continued blessings!

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