Do you want to create storytime memories that are both magical and meaningful?

With the right books, you can do just that! Reading with children is always enchanting — but it can be illuminating, too. Our goal here at Happily Ever Elephants is to help you build your home and classroom bookshelves with purpose. We’ll share books that showcase the human potential for goodness, as well as stories that empower children and give them windows through which they can learn about our beautiful, diverse world. No more getting totally overwhelmed when standing among thousands of children’s stories in the library or at the bookstore! Our reviews will guide you so you can easily find your next favorite children’s book!  So grab a cup of coffee, curl up on the couch, and start checking out our site.  We’ll build your bookshelves with wondrous stories that will have your kids quickly recognizing that…

Reading Gets Two “Trunks” Up!

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