Diverse Books for Children Help Kids Celebrate the World!

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Diverse Books for Children

I got a new shirt the other day, and on the chest it has a graphic I love. The shirt is light blue, and in a simple white font, it says:

All Kind. Be Kind.

The second I saw it on the display, I couldn’t help but find my size and take it up with me to the register together with the uniform shorts, polos and baby shark bathing suits I was grabbing for my boys. As I stood in line, I remember thinking, all kind, be kind. I wish it was so easy.

Diverse books for children’s and the power of “all kind, be kind.”

Pickle just began to read this year and the first day I wore my new shirt, he studied it for a moment and then read the words aloud.

“All kind, be kind. What’s that?” He asked.

I told him it simply meant to be kind to everyone, no matter whether they were just like us or entirely different.

“Obviously, mom,” he said. And then he ran to the patio and started to shoot hoops.

I loved his response, but immediately wished that being kind to everyone was such an obvious notion to all. I wish all people could view all the world through the eyes of our youngest children, innocent and blissfully unfazed by our differences.

Unfortunately, though, that’s not the case. And that means it’s up to us — parents and educators — to teach our children to celebrate our differences, rather than fear them.

And there’s a really simple way to do this.


Diverse Books for Children

Why read diverse children’s books?

Hate and fear are learned behaviors. Whether it begins at home, in classrooms or on the playground, kids aren’t born fearing others who look or act differently than them. We need to remember this, and we need to run with the notion that children are born inherently kind.

By bringing diverse children’s books into our homes, we are ensuring that children see all kinds of glorious people in books. When we read diverse stories, we are teaching our children in the most organic way that all people should be celebrated, whether it’s people that look like them and hail from similar neighborhoods and cultures, people from the next town over who live dramatically different lives, or people from around the world who celebrate different holidays, have different shaped eyes and different colored skin.

And it doesn’t end there.

Diverse children’s books include those stories conveying that love is love, no matter what form that love takes, that neurodiverse children and kids with physical challenges are to be valued and celebrated, that families come in all shapes and possess no “one size fits all” scratchy label.

It’s all about the windows and mirrors. Window books give children glimpses into the lives of people different from themselves, whereas mirror books are those in which children see themselves reflected in the stores they read. It is vital that children read both.

The Best Diverse Books for Children - Your Ultimate Guide!

Diverse books for children nurture empathy and build compassion

When we teach kids from the time they are infants that learning about the beautiful traditions, people, cultures and holidays around the world can be magical — when we show them that these traditions, people, cultures and holidays around the world share so many similarities to us and ours — we help bridge the perceived divides between us.

Sharing diverse children’s books with our kids helps them become more accepting, more compassionate, and less inclined to feel nervous or scared when they encounter others who they perceive as being different from themselves.

So what are you waiting for? Check out these amazing lists of diverse children’s books, and start reading them with your kids. Make storytime meaningful and magical with books that get two trunks up!

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Diverse Books for Children: Amazing Book Lists!

Diverse Books for Children

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Diverse Books for Children

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Diverse Books for Children

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Diverse Books for Children

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Diverse Books for Children

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Diverse Books for Children!