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Welcome to Happily Ever Elephants, where reading gets two "trunks" up! I'm Lauren, the mom behind the site, and my boys and I are so happy you stopped in for a visit.

As you have already gathered, I adore children's literature - both reading it and writing it.  For years now, I have been the one my friends and family seek out for book recommendations for their kids. Happily Ever Elephants initially began as a closed group on Facebook where I shared our family's favorite stories with my closest girl friends.  But then one friend added another, who added another, and the rest is history.  We are now on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, and we are thrilled to share our most beloved stories with all of you. 

My kids and I live in Miami, where I am a former attorney turned library media specialist by day and an avid reader, blogger and aspiring author by night.  I also proudly contribute to the fabulous website, All the Wonders, and I am both honored and humbled to be a part of their incredible kid lit team.  On the home front, it is no secret that my favorite part of the day is bedtime - I love nothing more than snuggling up with my boys and reading wondrous stories together.  Watching their eyes light up as they fall in love with new books is priceless -- and, you should probably know that nothing gets reviewed on our site unless it gets through them first. 

So who are Happily Ever Elephants' toughest critics?


  • Age: 4
  • Favorite stories, in his own words: "I like silly things and pictures."
  • Loves: Daniel Tiger, t-ball, basketball, black beans and rice, books, chocolate milk, and asking questions (lots and lots and lots of questions). 
  • What Mom says: Pickle is sunshine and fire, sweetness and sass, all rolled into one adorable package. He stops at nothing to make everyone laugh, and his curiosity is infectious. He loves books almost as much as I do.
  • Why he gets "two trunks up": Pickle gave our blog its name!  About two years ago, Pickle confused "happily ever after" with "happily ever elephants" during story time.  It stuck! We now use this phrase when we end every book we read.  It makes us giggle, and it also perfectly captures Pickle's personality.   


  • Age: 2
  • Favorite stories, in his own words: **He is handing me That's Not my Teddy, which is undoubtedly his most prized book!
  • Loves: Puppy (his lovey), rocking his glasses, story time, fruit pouches, the pool, the bath, giving kisses and "kuhgling" (a/k/a snuggling)
  • What Mom says: Bo is our resident warrior baby and smarty-pants. He is the bravest boy I know, and his smile lights up a room.  He picks up new skills faster than he can say "read to me," and he absolutely loves showing them off to anyone who will give him an audience!
  • Why he gets two trunks up: Bo's first word (other than Mama and Dada, of course!) - "BOOK"!


So there you have it.  We'd love to meet you, too, and hear your thoughts and feedback on our site! Feel free to leave us comments whenever you want to join in the conversation, or send us an email at happilyeverelephants@gmail.com.  Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Reading!

Lauren, Pickle & Bo